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Aventics Marex 3D . New joystick maneuvering system

Aventics Marex 3D Joystick

The Aventics Marex 3D Joystick system is designed to allow one-handed operation of yachts, speedboats, and pleasure boats with maximum precision and safety.

Aventics Marex 3D joystick provides intuitive control, dynamic positioning,  easy installation , and easy to integrate into existing boats.

Marex 3D allows maneuvers to be carried out through a single control element, the Marex 3D joystick, and to steer the boat intuitively and precisely. The captain can give his full attention to the maneuver while Marex 3D takes control of the drives.

An integrated vector control intelligently manages the motors and thrusters to ensure the boat exactly mimics the movement of the joystick. Heading can be maintained by implementing the yaw angle in the calculation.

With the “3D Hold” option, the boat is held in a defined location, eliminating the need to steer manually while waiting in the water at the port entrances.

Marex 3D intelligently controls the available units to maintain the ship’s heading and position. Virtual anchor mode allows the ship to move around a defined point as if it were attached to an invisible anchor chain. The main engines will run economically to minimize fuel consumption and noise.

Marex 3D is a complement to Emerson’s Aventics Marex OS and Marex ECS ship controls.
It is suitable for use with most engines and thruster brands in conventional shaftline and fixed pitch propeller applications in combination with on / off and proportional thrusters.

Marex 3D joysticks can be easily adapted as the wiring is minimal.
This combined remote control and joystick system single source solution reduces installation and commissioning time.

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