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Volvo Penta launches fully integrated Assisted Docking System

Volvo Penta launches the first fully integrated power lashing system.

Volvo Penta announced the industry’s first fully integrated power lashing system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The assisted mooring system gives the captain better control when docking a ship by automating his intentions, compensating for some dynamic variables such as wind and current, and helping the ship stay on course.

Volvo Penta has now taken its joystick docking technology and easy navigation solutions to the next level.

Easy parallel tie down

The assisted mooring system integrates an in-house developed software layer with the company’s GPS-based dynamic positioning system and proprietary Internal Performance Systems (IPS) for a complete package including HMI (Human Machine Interface) at the helm , electronics through the engine, propulsion systems and sensors, and advanced navigation processing power for a much easier navigation experience, even in difficult conditions.

“When we launched our joystick technology in 2006, the maneuvering and control functionality it brought to recreational boating shook the maritime industry – delivering breakthrough innovation is in our DNA,” explains Anders Thorin, Product Manager Electronics at Volvo Penta. “From our Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, which connects and manages internal communications between the engine and driveline, to the joystick and display screen so the driver can control everything from the joystick to our system. dynamic positioning system (DPS), which automatically maintains a ship’s heading and position, even in difficult conditions: until today, with the launch of the assisted docking system, we are taking the next step in easy navigation and continuing our ambition of make docking a ship easier for a more enjoyable sailing experience. ”

Docking a boat with Volvo Penta’s power assist system

The assisted docking system consists of a joystick that controls the steering input and the antenna of the GPS-based dynamic positioning system for exact position and heading. The captain maneuvers the boat with the joystick, thus informing the system in which direction to go and at what speed. If he moves the joystick forward, the system draws a direct path from the boat and the boat begins to follow a straight line at the indicated speed. The ship’s docking system also takes into account certain external forces (wind, current) and the EVC system, updated with in-house developed software, compensates to ensure that the ship follows the captain’s intentions. It does this by calculating the steering angles and thrust, then it acts on drift and returns the boat to its intended course. The ship’s docking system maintains this heading by constantly fine-tuning steering angles and thrust.

The main characteristics of the boat docking system are: straight line movement without manual compensation, stop, slow maneuver functionality, rotation around a fixed point, micro repositioning and alignment and lateral thrust for lateral docking.

Volvo Penta’s assisted docking system constantly compensates for engine input and engine and transmission output to help ensure the boat moves as he or she intended. Everything is designed to work together. It is the best human-machine interaction.


“Power coupling is a hybrid between automatic coupling and manual coupling,” says Ida Sparrefors, director of Volvo Penta. “While it would have been easier to implement full automation in some ways, the beauty of this system is that it gives the captain improved control. With our team of experts, from software developers to test drivers, we’ve managed to make it intuitive in all situations, so anyone can feel like an experienced captain. ”

Simplified updates

Volvo Penta’s “Easy Boating” philosophy is to make boating simpler, more enjoyable and accessible for more people. The Assisted Docking system will be available in spring 2021 for installation on new boat models, as an upgradeable option for Volvo Penta IPS for motor yachts ranging in length from 35 feet to 120 feet. It will require a software update and a new antenna, for Volvo Penta boats with IPS engine. The assisted docking system will be sold directly to the original equipment manufacturers.

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