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Victa, the speedboat that turns into a submarine

Victa, the speedboat that turns into a submarine in just two minutes

Designed by Subsea Craft, this speedboat / submarine, priced at around $ 9 million, can reach 40 knots on the surface and dive up to 30 meters.

Victa sketches emerged years ago in the minds of veteran military personnel and submarine pilots, who were searching for a vehicle capable of navigating at high speed and diving in record time.

The British company Subsea Craft took these ideas and is making this boat.

Its elegant appearance and technical characteristics are impressive.

Victa can submerge up to 30 meters

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Its engine is a 725 hp Seatek diesel with Kamewa water jets.
On the surface, it can reach a maximum speed of 40 knots, and a cruise of 30, with a fuel range of 250 nautical miles.
In underwater mode it changes its propulsion to six electric thrusters powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, this allows it a top speed of 8 knots and travel up to a range of 25 miles.

Fly-by-wire steering allows you to use the same controls both on the surface and underwater.
Its command system, developed by SCISYS, monitors all onboard systems and the helm console displays performance, diagnostics and status.

The time to go from speedboat to submarine is only two minutes.

Inside it, six passengers and two crew members can travel, dressed in diving equipment, since once it is submerged, it transforms, the boat fills with water.

Its life support system provides four hours of air to all eight crew members, which means that passengers breathe from an open-circuit air system on board, and air supplies from individual tanks are not depleted.

The Victa helmet is made of carbon fiber and Diab core, offering an efficient force-to-weight ratio design.

The boat, in the final phases of testing, is expected to make the first dives in January 2021.

This is an innovative option that defense and research sectors could take advantage of, as well as offering exclusive luxury trips to the bottom of the sea.

There is no exact cost figure for the Victa yet, but it is estimated to be around $ 9 million.

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