Fairline Yachts presented its F // LINE 33 configuration platform


Fairline Yachts presented its F // LINE 33 configuration platform

Fairline Yachts from the UK has unveiled phase two of the platform F // LINE 33 , where users receive a fully customized video of their scheduled boat in action.

Fairline says that the feedback on the website has been very positive, and has led to both customer inquiries and sales orders to the brand.

As a result of its initial success, the offering has been further improved by developing the technology to send users a personalized summary of their fully configured vessel, with a computer generated video that allows them to view their F // LINE 33 in the water

Using the materials, colors, and optional extras they’ve established, with detailed views of each custom item, the video begins with an overview of your new boat peacefully anchored at sea. Users can also share their design on their own social media pages.

Leading the design and vision of the site, Fairline’s chief marketing officer, Miles Moorhouse, said: “It is imperative that our digital portfolio meets the needs and demands of the modern consumer, and setting up a ship online is the next step. When we said we wanted to give our customers full control to design their F // LINE 33, we meant it. Our platform allows the user to fully visualize their new boat and helps customers make informed decisions about their new F // LINE, all from their handheld or desktop device. ”

Fairline launched the platform in August 2020 in response to the challenges presented by the global Covid-19 pandemic. It gives customers full control to specify every aspect of their boat and offers full customization as well as full price transparency.