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TOYOTA Fuel Cells for pleasure boats

TOYOTA Fuel Cells for pleasure boats

REXH2 is a power solution developed based on Toyota’s fuel cell technology.

It is a system that allows to extend the autonomy of ships thanks to hydrogen.

It has been tested in navigation aboard the Energy Observer ship, sailing more than 7,000 nautical miles around the world.

The innovation came to pleasure boats as an autonomy extension system.

The first boat equipped with this technology is the Hynova 40, a 12-meter long boat from Hynova Yachts, which can be used both as a touring boat and as a long voyage boat.

The Hynova 40 is a battery electric boat, which can increase its range with the REXH2 hydrogen extender based on the Toyota battery.

With a capacity of 12 passengers, it is the first pleasure boat equipped with fuel cell technology and that generates zero emissions, bringing hybrid hydrogen-electricity technology to the maritime industry, with silent water mobility and without CO2 emissions or particles.

The REXH2’s Toyota fuel cell module offers up to 60 kW of rated net power and is based on the existing fuel cell technology of the Toyota Mirai, the world’s first series-production hydrogen saloon.

Research and development by teams from EODev and Toyota have made it possible to adapt this technology to maritime conditions.

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