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Prodigium: a 600 million yacht inspired by a shark

Prodigium: a 600 million yacht inspired by a shark

The Lazzarini Design team of designers projected a megayacht of 500 meters in length and 34 in beam that resembles the figure of the body of a shark.

They created a huge 500-meter long yacht with the figure of the fearful animal, which was valued at 597 million dollars.

Called the “Prodigium”, the yacht has pools on three levels, and has enough capacity to carry three helicopters and eight jet skis.

To the design of the yacht, inspired by Roman architecture, “fins” were placed on the sides, as well as some spaces were incorporated in the upper part of the boat that resembles the shape of the body of a shark.


The boat, made of carbon and aluminum, has an area considered a “private port” at the rear that can accommodate smaller yachts up to 30 meters.


It also has two garages and two extendable terraces – in the “fins” sector -, which occupy seven meters each to the boat, whose width has a deployment of 34 meters.

This boat has a capacity for at least 40 guests, who might be comfortable with the space available.

The design is from Lazzarini Designs, who provided some details on the choices of the various elements of the boat. “Prodigium is the second nature-inspired megayacht Lazzarini is developing. The first was inspired by a swan.”

“Our latest design is inspired by ancient Roman architecture and the parts are also inspired by the shape of sharks.”

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