Powervision powerray Explorer – Underwater Drone with 4k camera


Powervision powerray Explorer

 Underwater Drone with 4k camera

PowerRay is an underwater drone capable of diving to a depth of up to 30 meters. It comes with a 50 meter cable and a sonar system that can detect up to 40 meters below the robot, extending the total dive distance up to 70 meters deep.

It has an App for iOS and Android (PowerRay Mobile) to see the images transmitted by the 4K camera in real time.

PowerRay is compatible with the ZEISS VR ONE Plus glasses, for underwater vision through virtual reality.


A good utility is to make an inspection of the live work, propellers or any element that we have under water.

Web: https://store.eu.powervision.me/products/powerray
Model: Powervision powerray Explorer
price: 1,000 euros