Starlink Maritime : Internet in the middle of the sea


Starlink Maritime

Elon Mask’s Internet in the middle of the sea

Starlink is the project of SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aerospace company, to provide broadband Internet access on a global scale and via satellite


Broadband internet on the yacht in the middle of the sea, for $5,000 a month

Starlink Maritime allows you to connect from the most remote waters around the world, just as you would in the office or at home.

Its cost is 5,000 dollars per month, for 350Mbps of speed.

You have to add another 10,000 dollars for the receiver equipment that users must install on the roof or on the deck of the boat, installation, and maintenance…

Elon Musk came out in defense of the service’s pricing policy, saying “these are high-performance dual terminals, which is important to maintain the connection in rough seas and strong storms, as well as to resist corrosion from seawater.”

“Obviously we’re talking about ‘premium’ pricing, but it’s still much cheaper and faster than the alternatives. About $150,000 a month for a much worse connection to our ships!”

This service is designed to provide connectivity to environments where cable operators do not usually reach.

Starlink has already launched a similar package for motorhomes for only €124 with 350 Mb per second … but in this case it is not designed to connect with the vehicle on the move.

And it is that both the large merchant ships and the oil platforms, including the large yachts that do not want to stop using their subscriptions to streaming platforms while sailing the ocean, and all of them are willing to pay in exchange for enjoying high-speed Internet in high sea.


Starlink on the mainland is much more affordable: €699 for installation and €108 per month for the service.