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New Super Sub Can Dive to 1,000 Feet

U-Boat Worx Super Sub

U-Boat Worx has a complete fleet of submersibles and the new Super Sub of it, is a high performance cruiser and the fastest model, which promises an exciting underwater experience, with a dose of luxury.

The new U-Boat Worx Super Sub can dive to 1,000 feet and move faster than a bottlenose dolphin. This submarine is ultra-fast and can reach 8 knots at full speed.

This 17-foot submarine was originally designed to keep up with marine life.

Super Sub is equipped with the best powertrain in its class, four powerful engines capable of producing a total of 80 hp (60 kW).
This gives her 19,841 pounds a speed of 8 knots at full bank. It is five knots faster than the average submersible and two knots faster than a bottlenose dolphin.

It has a 62 kWh pressure-tolerant lithium-ion battery that offers eight hours of autonomy on a single charge.


U-Boat Worx claims that the Super Sub is the most hydrodynamic submarine on the market and an expert at navigating the world under the waves.

Uniquely shaped, the boat’s design features a long tail and distinctive hydrofoils to optimize thrust direction, and a removable counterweight system for quick descents.
U-Boat Worx says it can withstand steep 30-degree climbs and dive to depths of nearly 1,000 feet.

The interior is designed to emulate that of a luxury supercar.

The Super Sub also offers unobstructed panoramic views thanks to the ultra-clear acrylic hull.

Inside it can comfortably accommodate two passengers and a pilot, it comes with underwater spotlights, cold storage, and a two-way communications system.

The first Super Sub will be ready in 2023, thus U-Boat Worx is consolidating its position as a leader in the market for high-end personal submersibles.



300 m 1,000 ft

2 passengers 1 pilot

9,000 kg

8 hours

530 cm

309 cm

231 cm

62 kWh

4 X 15 kW
2 X 15 kW


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