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Jules Verne Trophy. Sodebo Ultim 3 in a chaotic Indian Ocean.

Still evolving in a chaotic Indian Ocean, Sodebo Ultim 3 is heading east towards Cape Leeuwin, just under 1000 miles from her bow this Friday morning. It is now slightly behind 50 miles on the Idec Sport chart.

The Indian Ocean, which had been so favorable for Idec Sport four years ago during their victorious bid for the Jules Verne Trophy, is decidedly much more capricious for Sodebo Ultim 3. Since they crossed the Cap des Aiguilles Monday morning, Thomas Coville and his seven teammates must contend with a cross-shaped sea that forces them to advance east with caution.


This explains why his cumulative advantage at Bonne-Espérance over the record holder turned into a slight delay this Friday morning (50 miles at 6 a.m.). Philippe Legros, guest on Thursday night of the live organized at the team’s base in Lorient, which is part of the land routes unit with Jean-Luc Nélias, analyzes:


“We knew that Idec had had an ideal trajectory in the Indian Ocean, because it had had a meteorological phenomenon for a long time, which had allowed it to do very little road and maneuver. This is why we wanted to go to the Cape of Good Hope in advance. We are eating our capital a bit at the moment, but there is still a lot of ground and we are eagerly awaiting the Pacific, Idec’s trajectory there had been less clear. There will also be a lot to play for in climbing the Atlantic. ”

Meanwhile, the crew is turning around and relies on their cohesion to get through this phase that is a bit more difficult on the nerves. What Thomas Coville confirmed during the live:


“We have incredibly supportive guys, there is a real bond, a desire to live together, the group has taken a big step forward in terms of cohesion, competence and trust, it’s wonderful to see. ”

The skipper of the Sodebo Ultim 3 was surprised to be able to speak to the coach of the French rugby player, Fabien Galthié, with whom he established close ties (the latter even went so far as to sail on the Sodebo Ultim 3) and with whom he inspired himself to Take on your role as a team coach. “It is a bit surreal listening to Fabien Galthié in the dark night in front of Kerguelen, it is the total kif, incredible! “As for who, with a team from France made up almost exclusively of neophytes, made England tremble last Sunday (defeat 22-19), he confided, to the speech of the eight” Sodeboys “:” I would like to tell you how much admiration I have them, show them my unconditional support. In this team, I saw passion, humility, strength of character, they will get there! “

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