Jules Verne Trophy. More than 730 miles covered in 24 hours


Jules Verne Trophy.

More than 730 miles covered in 24 hours for Sodebo and Gitana 17

On the second day of their record attempt, Sodebo Ultim 3 and Gitana 17 covered 755 and 735 miles, respectively, for 24 hours at more than 30 knots on average.

They surpassed the latitude of the Canary Islands with an advantage of 137 miles for Gitana and 146 for Sodebo over the IDEC Sport record.

After 48 hours the conditions to head towards the equator should be more lenient.

“We went through a lot of storms, with unstable wind in terms of force and direction, which forced us to constantly react to changing conditions,” says Thomas Coville. The wind is strong, but that is what we wanted and in a few hours things will calm down and we will enter one more phase of flight. ”

Gitana 17 gybed early on Friday to move away from a high pressure bubble to the west while Sodebo Ultim 3, a little further to the east, and continues to advance at 30 knots.

The two ships, which departed 31 minutes apart on the night of Tuesday through Wednesday, November 25, continue side by side.

“We have to forget about Sodebo, think that we are setting a record and sailing as we would a record,” explains Franck Cammas.