International 5O5 World Championship 2021

Bermuda suffered the perfect Covid storm in April. The combination of the UK variant spreading among school children and some illegal house parties caused infections to take off.

One party alone accounted for more than 80 new cases. The Bermuda Government responded by imposing a stay at home order for one week and followed with a non-mixing of households order for three weeks. This, along with continued progress with vaccinations, has had great results. The seven day average of new infections has fallen to 7. On a population of 64k this puts us at 109/million, about 1/3 lower than the US, 1/2 of Germany but trailing the UK. This weekend, Bermuda moves back to the rules being followed earlier in the year and life is more or less normal.

Currently, 39% of the total population is fully inoculated, 51% have had at least one dose. So 62% of the eligible population has had at least one dose. As in other countries, the rate of vaccination is slowing due to reluctance to be vaccinated rather than availability of supply. Significant efforts are underway to coax more people toward vaccination.

Bermuda was early in imposing testing before and after arrival on the island last summer. Effective June 6, allowances will be made for vaccinated travellers, freeing them from significant quarantine. Covid testing will still be required before departure, again on arrival, day 4, day 7, day 14. The testing station is a block from the club and the health department has been very good at working with the club to ensure scheduling is not a problem.

Traveller’s Quick Guide

So, we can announce a happy conclusion and anticipate a fantastic event come October for vaccinated competitors. As vaccinated travel rules open up, we anticipate a pick up in tourism. We have some attractive housing opportunities on the web site, which we would encourage you to book while still available. Cancellations are generally at no cost.

Similarly, we encourage you and others that may join us to begin a registration file if you have not already done so. There is no need for payment at this stage.

“I’ve had the pleasure of sailing a 5o5 in Bermuda in the Great Sound and it was absolutely fantastic. If you are only going to do one worlds in the next few years you should do that one” – Rolex Yachtsman of the Year and defending champion Mike Martin speaking on the 5o5 Day Zoom

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