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Giorgio Armani builds his new megayacht

Giorgio Armani is building a megayacht that could become an icon

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Giorgio Armani takes a new step in the world of sailing and confirmed the existence of a project with The Italian Sea Group to build a new megayacht.
The future 72-meter-long vessel is scheduled to launch in 2024.

Giorgio Armani is a lover of sailing, and this is the first time he has been involved with this type of project.
The new mega yacht will be characterized by a golden color with avant-garde finishes in its 72-meter length.


Italian Sea Group specializes in both building and refitting yachts up to 100 meters. Led by Giovanni Costantino, it operates the Tecnomar and Admiral brands, and was chosen to represent the future Armani mobile home.

Giorgio Armani was caught spending his free time on top of comfortable catamarans. Among them are Mariú, the name of his mother, which is approximately 50 meters long, and Maìn, his successor and current one, which is 65 meters long.
In both he was involved in the design as well as in the construction supervision.

Maìn was built by the Viareggio Codecasa shipyard and its interior follows a style with the imprint of Art Deco. Coming in British green and black, its goal, Armani said at the time, was to blend in with the water and not be too exposed on the high seas. The boat has six rooms for guests, and eight more for the crew.

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