Lazzarini Design Plectrum : A 243-foot carbon fiber concept yacht with foils


Lazzarini Design has released renderings for its latest creation: Plectrum

Plectrum is a 242-foot superyacht capable of traveling at speeds of 86 miles per hour above the water line.

The seven-bedroom, helipad and swimming pool-equipped luxury cruiser is set to debut for a price of $99.31 million.

His 243-foot carbon fiber concept yacht with foils, helipad, and supercar garage with a targeted maximum speed of 75 knots.

The Plectrum will measure 314 feet tall, and will be divided into four floors.
The primary suite will compose the main body of the behemoth boat, with six guest bedrooms below.
Plectrum there will be a helicopter hangar and a central garage, built to store either cars or water vessels.

The truly flight-worthy vessels, Lazzarini’s helium-based Air Yacht concept is capable of not just skimming the water line, but using two “floating balloons” to soar above it.

The outdoor amenities, will be extensive deck area prime for sunbathing or pool.
Hydrogen-powered motors will power the yacht.