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Gigawave: the boat that generates tube waves in calm waters.

The Gigawave 350 GW-X is an electric boat that claims it can make overhead tube waves in lakes or swamps.

Matthew Blew and Ryan Wetjen-Barry are the founders and designers ofGigawave, which will revolutionize the world of wakesurfing.

They assure that theGigawave 350 GW-X boat is capable of generating “a consistent wave that breaks overhead, like those of the sea, it is a big, powerful and clean wave, a wave that will take the wakesurfing.

It is clean because the boat will run on electricity. Two 300 HP motors will be powered by lithium batteries that will be part of the ballast and with a range of 4-5 hours. Its charging time is 6 hours.

She will be 10 meters long and weigh 3 and a half tons. The capacity will be 28 people and will be able to reach speeds of 18 to 24 knots. With a surfing speed of 9 to 14 knots.

Its price is $ 600,000

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