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Persico Fly40 by Pininfarina

Persico Fly40 now in production.
Pininfarina creates design for Persico Marine’s one design foiler

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The months’ wait ends next week: indeed, on Thursday, 24 February, a full-scale model of the Persico Fly40 will be unveiled to its first owners. Persico Marine’s new one design foiler, currently in production in its Nembro boatyard, will count on a design partner of the highest renown: Pininfarina.

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THE PROJECT – Presented in 2021 by Persico Marine, the Persico Fly40 was designed by Caponnetto Hueber and boasts a unique build team: structural engineering provided by Giovanni Belgrano of Pure and hydraulics by Cariboni, while aerospace-precision construction will be carried out by Persico Marine and its highly specialized team of expert yachtbuilders. Also involved in the project is Pininfarina, known for its superior design solutions. To best design the on-board ergonomics, a mockup of the deck was completed in recent weeks. Meanwhile engineers and technicians have been studying all the details using the most sophisticated design tools. Safety and one design are two strategic elements of the project: the Persico Fly40 will be equipped with electronic flight control, which will allow all owners to drive the AC75-derived foiler simply and safely.

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ENTRY OF PININFARINA – Pininfarina’s entry in the design team is a further testimony to the value of the project. Daniele Mazzon, chief transportation and yacht designer of Pininfarina Nautical, stated: “It is of great prestige for us, but at the same time a natural consequence to work side by side with Persico on the stylistic definition of the Persico Fly40, a boat whose design will reflect functionality, aerodynamics and performance. The experience gained with Persico over the years will now reach a new dimension where the highest expression of sailing, performance and innovation meet. The continuous search for perfect aerodynamics, which is part of Pininfarina’s DNA, has led us to the creation of a boat that flies on water thanks to the total adherence of the sails to the deck and the more developed structure near the cockpit. We are proud to be part of the Persico Fly40 team and to accompany Marcello Perisco together with Caponnetto Hueber in the definition of a new high performance market segment.

Marcello Persico, president of Persico Marine, commented: “I am extremely proud of this project, which will bring Persico’s excellence in the nautical sector everywhere in the world. Therefore, I would like to thank each and every one who is contributing to the realization of the Persico Fly 40 and the yacht owners who are showing great interest. This revolutionary sail/racer has been developed by a team of excellence, including Caponnetto Hueber for naval architecture and hydrodynamics, New Zealander Steve Wilson for the wing mast and rigging, and the world leading designer Pininfarina. Our company puts its specialized experience in the production of carbon boats at the disposal of sports-loving clients, by ensuring the highest — never-before-seen — precision in one-design construction through the implementation of Coriolis robot-based lamination technology used for aerospace manufacturing. The Persico Fly40 again raises the bar in the building of sport boats bearing our brand name, which attracts commissions from the most competitive sailing teams in the world.

TARGET – The Persico Fly40 is aimed at yacht owners who are interested in taking part in a high-profile regatta circuit at the helm of a one-design monohull foiler that is derived directly from the experience and technology of the AC75s in the last America’s Cup. The Persico Fly40 is a “flying” one-design monohull with a speed of over 40 knots. Moreover, it offers a project that goes beyond the individual boat: there will be a chance to take immediate advantage of a dedicated regatta circuit, plus assistance at the most prestigious regatta sites provided directly by Persico Marine. For this reason, specific attention has been given to logistics: the boat has been designed to be disassembled and shipped at a low cost, thus facilitating the organization of the international circuit.

PERFORMANCE – The Persico Fly40 has a minimum foiling take-off speed of 7 knots (true wind speed). The crew members will be the owner and four other sailors to control the mainsail and jib, flight control and tactics. Additionally, the great safety and ergonomics of the crew positions makes it possible to have a guest aboard, at the discretion of the owner and with the approval of the regatta committee. In light wind conditions, the boat’s systems will also allow for piloting with a crew of only four.


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