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Genevos Hydrogen Power Module

Genevos Hydrogen Power Module

Hydrogen Power Module – A fully marinised, plug-and-play hydrogen fuel cell unit that enables zero emissions propulsion and power generation in vessels.

The Hydrogen Power Modules (HPMs) developed by Genevos are a drop-in, zero emissions power solution for marine vessels. The modules are fully-integrated, marinized power packs capable of replacing existing fossil-fueled engines and generators with a clean solution that is competitive on weight, motoring range, and cost of ownership.

The HPMs offer a diverse range of applications to meet the reduction in emissions required across the maritime sector, from primary and hybrid propulsion in small to medium vessels, to powering auxiliary systems for large ships in order to reduce inshore and in-port pollution.

The modular technology is highly scalable enabling it to meet the large anticipated growth in green hydrogen over the next decade, which will be vital to the decarbonization of the marine sector.

Key features

Produces more than 5X the electrical energy from hydrogen fuel than a conventional diesel generator

6 times lighter than lithium batteries storage

Approximately 85% of materials can be either reused, reconditioned, or recycled

100% reduction in zero greenhouse gas emissions

Payback after 6 years

20% of savings after 10 years in operation

4-times the life expectancy of lithium batteries packs
Categories of Application

Control devices

Fuel cells

Hydrogen from renewable sources

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