Kairos: New 295-foot E-Hybrid Gigayacht concept.

Kairos, Gigayacht Concept E-Hybrid

The partnership between design studio Pininfarina, and Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco, along with technical design from Lateral Naval Architects, promises a breakthrough in sustainable design.

The 295-foot Kairos will use batteries as its main power source, as part of the Oceanco NXT initiative on sustainability and innovation.

Oceanco, Pininfarina and Lateral are developing the Kairos in one, with a focus on creating a new E-Hybrid propulsion system within a state-of-the-art hull that involves a very different way of looking at yacht design.

“Our passion as designers is to imagine new space concepts that are capable of bringing charm to every moment of the sailing experience,” said Paolo Pininfarina, President of the Pininfarina Group.

“When owners see Oceanco NXT endorsement in yacht design, they know they can expect high standards of living on board that are in tune with new perspectives on sustainability and lifestyle,” said Marcel Onkenhout, CEO. by Oceanco