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Cigarette 41 ‘Nighthawk AMG Black Series by Mercedes-AMG


On land, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, and on the water its nautical version, the Cigarette 41 ‘Nighthawk AMG Black Series.

It happened in Miami to present the alliance between the Stuttgart firm and the manufacturer of luxury motorboats

For the 41-foot-long Nighthawk AMG Black Series Edition, the Cigarette engineering team has designed a very lightweight stepped hull, which gives the boat a low center of gravity, enhancing performance and speed.

Like the AMG GT Black Series, this special edition boat also sets new performance standards within its segment.

It is the first to have five 4.6-liter Mercury Racing 450R V8 competition outboards, with a total of 450 hp per unit.

Its 2,250 horsepower is controlled by two levers to all five engines simultaneously. Whose acceleration gives a maximum speed of more than 78 knots, 144 km / h

The design of the Cigarette 41 ‘Nighthawk AMG Black Series centers around a center console with a helm and a cockpit in the center of the ship. The bow is open and designed so that l 10 passengers can enjoy comfortably.

Exterior styling is inspired by the AMG GT Black Series with a colourway in black and exclusive ‘magmabeam’ orange with a series of AMG logos.

Inside, the boat is gray and black, with distinctive orange accents.

The front console seats consist of two rows, three seats per row.

The interior is completed by an L-shaped saloon at the rear of the boat and U-shaped seats in the bow.


The Cigarette 41 ‘Nighthawk AMG Black Series promises performance in water, like the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series on tarmac. Where it reaches 325 km / h with a 4.0-liter 700-hp V8 biturbo engine, with a combined fuel consumption of 12.8 liters per 100 km; and combined CO 2 emissions of 292 g / km.

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing began their collaboration in 2007 with the aim of creating marketing and customer synergies that today supercars and powerboats share.

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