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Galactica Super Nova , a 230 Foot Superyacht Beast

Galactica Super Nova Is a 230-Foot Superyacht Beast

Tears Up the Waves at 30 Knots

Over the years, Heesen Yachts has blessed us with superyacht designs that are not only a spectacular sight but also capture the machines’ outstanding performance. And Galactica Super Nova is a case in point. With an advanced drivetrain that provides an additional turn of speed and a fresh exterior, this vessel is set to deliver unforgettable experiences.

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Galactica Super Nova is the biggest yacht Heesen ever built, measuring a total length of 230 feet (70 meters). Not only that, but this aluminum beast is one of the quickest superyachts in its class, being capable of reaching a top speed of 30 knots (35 mph/ 56 kph). Its ability to combine fast speed with extended range and low fuel consumption is what makes it stand out. At cruising speed, the superyacht can go up to 4,603 miles (7,408 km) across the seas.


Its Fast Displacement Hull Form can lower resistance by as much as 20 percent. This reduces the amount of power needed to reach a certain speed. A Rolls-Royce central booster combined with fixed propellers makes Galactica Super Nova highly maneuverable in all weather conditions. Not only that, but the vessel can also be very quiet.

As for its luxurious look, the exterior design landed in the skilled hands of naval architect Espen Øino, who worked on a pre-established technical platform offered by Heesen. The yacht’s profile is based on the style of its predecessor, the Galactica Star, and it reflects Heesen’s DNA. However, certain new elements, such as the extended arches on the sundeck and the chamfered edges, have also made their way into the new design.

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The open decks and the covered lounge space are separated by glass sliding doors, allowing guests to easily walk between the two areas. The foredeck of the vessel can be used as a helipad, a lounge area, or an outdoor cinema at night.

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Other luxe amenities include a 17-ft (6-meter) infinity pool, a beach club equipped with a bar that can be turned into a nightclub, and a glass elevator that connects all the internal levels of the yacht.

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