A new outboard Yamaha F300 V6


Outboard Yamaha F300 V6

The current Yamaha Marine roster consists of five families, at the top of which are the premium units offering power ratings ranging from 225-425 horsepower. The 225, 250 and 300 horsepower engines are structured on the basis of “V6” blocks, while units with a power greater than 300 horsepower operate with newly designed “V8” architectures characterized by the most modern technical solutions.

Precisely these contents have also been transferred to the “V6”, giving rise to a premium, integrated and homogeneous range, which is at the top of the sector in terms of technology. These include the “Des” digital electric steering, the “TotalTilt” system and the “Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust” device, in the initials “Tere”, contents that are hidden under new grilles whose designs are inspired by the outboards of the series ” V8 “. .

Des Yamaha

“Des”, a function integrated in the “V6” of 300 and 250 hp equipped with the “Steer by Wire” system, eliminates the need to connect the steering to the engines by means of pipes or cables, thus facilitating assembly making driving even more fluid and intuitive.

TotalTilt Yamaha

“TotalTilt”, on the other hand, facilitates mooring and departures by managing the tilt of the motor automatically. Just press a specific button twice and the motor tilts up or down, respecting any programming made during installation.

Tere yamaha

The “Tere” function, which operates in reverse and in low-speed maneuvers, is definitely interesting. Keeps exhaust gas bubbles above the anti-vent plate and away from the propeller below 2,500 RPM by running the propeller in bubble-free water and therefore results in reverse thrust and control of Higher level.

Yamaha F250 V6

The system can be combined with the “Helm Master Ex” joystick and the “Des” system for superior maneuverability which is useful when operating the boat in tight spaces. The new “V6” also features improved engine mounts to reduce vibrations transmitted to the hull, as well as revised feet in design, gearing and lubrication to emphasize functionality and reliability.