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Evoy electric outboards

Electric outboards Evoy “ecological”

Evoy has designed a line of electric outboards from 150 hp to 400 hp, prepared to become the most powerful electric outboards in the world on the market.

The Norwegian company Evoy Electric Motors is taking pre-orders for its 150-hp motor, which it plans to launch to European markets this summer and to North American markets in 2022. Its 300-hp and 450-hp engines are expected to be available for order. anticipated in 2023 and 2025.

The Evoy engines will be powered by external lithium-ion batteries.
Boaters interested in the 150 hp engine can select a 60, 120 or 180 kilowatt-hour battery and can specify multiple batteries per engine to increase overall range.

“Ensuring that the software takes care of all the logic around cooling, safety, loading, power and engine torque has been a challenge,” says Leif Stavøstrand, CEO of Evoy, adding that getting the software to work properly took years of testing and development.

Future software updates will be handled by over-the-air updates, a process that will allow Evoy to update its engines efficiently and regularly and employ big data to improve products, which the company aims to make fully autonomous by 2030.

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