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Timelapse: A 4,000 ton. ship reduced to scrap

A 4,000 tn.  ship reduced to scrap

The voyage of a ship to absolute nothingness

Ships go to ship graveyards when they die, which are places that produce an ecological disaster.

Most, in fact, end up scrapped. It is a spectacle to see giant ships dismount, and it is no less spectacular than one of those ship graveyards.

In this video you can see a seven-minute timelapse, which shows how a 4,000-ton ship is reduced to scrap.

The Bahamian-flagged MV Kaami ran aground in March 2020 in northwestern Scotland.
It took six weeks for rescue teams to recover the freighter, but the damage was too deep, and it was towed to the port of Kishorn where it was dismantled.
After being scrapped, the ships are reused in steel mills and other industries because most of the material is not directly reusable.

Source: Xataka



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