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Luna Rossa reconfirms its commitment to the protection of the sea

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli reconfirms its commitment to the protection of the sea

The proceeds of the auction will contribute to the collection and recycling of plastic pollution that threats the ocean

The auction to support the “No Plastic in the Ocean” project, promoted by One Ocean Foundation, and supported by Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, closed on February 22nd .

The team, in collaboration with the company Titici, leader in the production of bicycle frames, donated the two customized F-DB02 models built for the two helmsmen of the AC75 “Luna Rossa”, Checco Bruni and Jimmy Spithill.
16,000 euros were raised to contribute to the collection of 25 tons of plastic, thanks to the collaboration with organizations such as Plastic Bank which deals with the recovery of plastic waste that threatens the coasts of the Pacific Ocean.
No Plastic in the Ocean is an initiative created to fight marine pollution from plastics and microplastics and create awareness on the issue of protecting the seas also through the direct removal of plastic waste from marine and coastal areas. The areas of intervention are identified in developing countries where most of the waste that threatens the oceans comes from. In these areas, thanks to the support of local partners, the collection, tracing and re-introduction into the production cycle takes place, thus favoring the development of a local circular economy.
With this further action Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli reinforces its commitment to safeguard and protect the marine environment: “our playground”.

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