Dynamiq Yachts accepting crypto currencies


Dynamiq champions crypto and expands to South East Asia

Dynamiq announce a strategic partnership with Quantum Yacht Group, to start accepting crypto currencies as modes of payment for new construction of the whole Dynamiq range of yachts. The opportunity is going even further by allowing the owners supply items, such as loose furniture, yacht tenders and water toys, to also be completely paid for in crypto.

Quantum Yacht Group is supported by end-to-end encryption, with purpose built crypto yacht exchange and asset management platform offers investors and suppliers the highest level of security for instant multi-currency settlements around the globe.

We are pleased to partner with Dynamiq Yachts to facilitate the industrys first global crypto to fiat” payment solution for luxury yacht new construction,” Nick James, CEO of Quantum Yacht Group.

Along with the new payment system, Dynamiq is also expanding to South East Asia and has appointed Boats IQ as its brand representative in the area. Headquartered in Singapore, with growing presence across the region, the company is ideally placed to help build Dynamiqs branding in these developing yacht markets. Boats IQ is led by Martin McIntyre, former award-winning industry Sales Director and Senior Yacht Broker with some of the industrys most established and leading brokerage houses.

We are both proud and excited that Boats IQ is now representing the spectacular Dynamiq brand in South East Asia,” says Martin McIntyre, Managing Director of Boats IQ, Dynamiq’s modern design, unique exteriors and stunning bespoke interiors are not the only impressive aspects of these Italian built Superyachts, they are designed in the Netherlands with an ocean-going capability in mind. This means our owners in Asia will have the opportunity to enjoy long range cruising in the region and beyond.”

“We are so happy to find in Boats IQ the right partner to promote Dynamiq in South East Asia,” says Sergei Dobroserdov, Dynamiq founder and CEO. “We are confident that our shared values ​​of efficiency, innovation and transparency will be welcomed in this part of the world. We would like to see this region become one of our key markets, as people here admire elegance and design, but are also attentive to technical details and pricing, and very rational in taking decisions. This is where Dynamiq stands out from the competition with our innovative yet value-for-money superyachts.”