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WingFoil Racing World Cup Turkiye – Ghio & Suardiaz take the titles in Turkey


Mathis Ghio and Nia Suardiaz take the men’s and women’s titles in Turkey

The day began with the Golden Ticket race, a rabbit start and long distance format

Simon Burner (GBR) and Iset Segura (ESP) win the Golden Tickets

The yellow bib wearers prove unstoppable in the finals


Nia Suardiaz
and Mathis Ghio have taken the gold medals at the WingFoil Racing World Cup Turkiye after commanding performances in the medal series. The 17-year-old Spanish rider dominated the women’s competitionthis week. “I never expected to win as many races this week,” she said. “The girls are pushing so hard.” 

Ghioa double world champion – turned on the speed on the first reach out of the start of the men’s final to step out to a victory which has become a regular experience, yet means as much as ever to the 22-year-old Frenchman. “We had to slow down quite a lot coming into the start and then accelerate as quickly as possible when we heard the start signal from the race committee,” he said. “From then on it was explosive pumping to get to the bottom of the course first.”


Sunday’s medal series was the culmination of an day of excitement that began with the conclusion of the Audi e-foil series. This involved the riders taking it in turns to race in a series of heats on the electric-powered foiling boards at speeds of up to 30 knots.

British rider Rafferty Read punched the air and grinned his way across the finish line to become king of the Audi e-foilers. An hour or so later at the skipper’s briefing and it was announced that Read had won the vote to be the rider’s representative on the board of the International WingSports Association. 

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