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Wingfoil Race Class added to Caribbean Foiling Championships 2021

The Caribbean Foiling Championships is created to provide a Caribbean race platform for all Foilers. As a new foil discipline called Wingfoiling is emerging, the event decided to add a Wingfoil Race Class to their 2021 event which is held on St. Martin (FWI) from December 10-12, 2021.

Wingfoiling‘ is a new board riding sport, a discipline that follows the foiltrend that has been developing in the past recent years. Wingfoiling sits between Kitefoiling and Windfoiling, the sport combines great aspects of both these disciplines into something that feels completely new.

In the past eight months the Wingfoil-Industry took off, the new sport ‘Wingfoiling‘ is emerging and getting a lot of interest. Participation numbers in the sport are growing rapidly however, the Performance Side of the sport is yet to be developed.

After multiple requests to the event organization from fanatic Wingfoilers wanting to practice their Racing skills the organizers could only respond by adding a Wingfoil Race Class to the already existing Wind- and Kitefoil classes of event.

Registration for the Caribbean Foiling Championships 2021 will open next week


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