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Whitbread sailors excited about Ocean Globe 50th Anniversary Reunion

Ocean Globe Race Countdown 38 Days!

  • Excitement builds for OGR Whitbread Veterans’ Reunions in Southampton and Auckland with Vets flying in from around the world.
  • Veterans search through attics and old albums for photos, footage and memorabilia of their Whitbread Race.
  • Crews from Sayula, Flyer II, Creighton’s Naturally, Adventure, Norsk Data GB, Burton Cutter and Liverpool Enterprise are just a few of those attending.
  • Save the date: 17:30 hr – 5th September, Race Village, MDL Ocean Village, Southampton. Auckland Whitbread Reunion, 12th January 2024.

There’s been an enormous response to the Whitbread Veterans’ Reunion – celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Whitbread Round the World Race. An exceptional evening of memories, old photos, race footage, expert commentary, and the opportunity for old friends and rivals to relive their racing days is planned. The call is still out for all veterans to join the party!

Julian Morris, who crewed on Creighton’s Naturally in the 1989/90 race, is one of the many Whitbread veterans attending the reunion. He reminisces about the race:

It was at times everything – amusing, significant, terrifying, and bizarre. The best part was making the friendships that 35 years later are still going strong.


The first Whitbread was an adventure like no other in the world of sailing. On 8th September 1973, 17 yachts crewed by those determined to live a life less ordinary set sail from Portsmouth to take on a unique challenge. The Whitbread Round The World Race was born.

On its 50th anniversary, the OGR and McIntyre Adventure are celebrating this epic feat by bringing together those sailors who dared to dream and take on the oceans.


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