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Virtual yacht sold in the Sandbox metaverse for 650,000 usd

The luxury yacht “The Metaflower” breaks the record by having the highest price of an NFT on the Sandbox platform.

The Sandbox is a metaverse in which users can monetize virtual spaces and experiences. The Ethereum currency, a cryptocurrency that is currently worth $ 4,750.96, is used to make purchases within the metaverse.

Inside the Sandbox, the most expensive non-fungible token (NFT) in the history of the metaverse has just been sold, a luxury yacht with a value of $ 650,000.

It was created and developed by Republic Realm, “one of the most active investors and developers in the metaverse real estate ecosystem.”

Republic Realm

The virtual mega yacht was named “The Metaflower” in honor of “The Mayflower” one of the ships that transported pilgrims from England to America. It has a DJ booth, helicopter landing strips and a Jacuzzi among other amenities. However, what really makes it interesting is that the ship will have access to the “Fantasy Marina”, a collection of 100 private islands with luxury homes that the Republic Realm developed.

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