Vendée Globe, 22 of the 33 members with North Sails 3Di technology sails.


Vendée Globe, 22 of the 33 members with North Sails 3Di technology sails.

The spectacular Vendée Globe is a mythical regatta due to the difficulties faced by the skippers, who go around the world alone and without stopping.
The regatta was born in 1989 from an idea by Philippe Jeantot and so far it has been raced by 165 sailors of which only 88 have completed the course, which shows the toughness of the company.

Up to 22 of the 33 ships hoist North Sails sails built with 3Di technology, 17 have a full inventory and 5 a partial one.

The Imoca 60 feet are the most modern that can be conceived for solo racing and in contemporary sailing, there will be three generations of boats racing. The most modern are the complete foiling, built on a current project to rise from the water.

Lightweight, reliable and unique North 3Di sails are designed for minimum weight and maximum performance.

3Di sails are constructed without the use of mylar and are therefore not subject to delamination. Each 3Di candle is precisely modeled, born in three dimensions in life-size molds and built to last longer. In the Vendée Globe, the problems of duration are clearly felt a lot, in practice the sails must have a versatile shape and last the entire regatta: more than three months at sea, I sell boats from the southern oceans, for a total of 24 296 nautical miles.

The construction of the sails is carried out at 3Di’s facilities in Minden in Nevada in the United States and the finishes are carried out at North Sails France in Vannes, Brittany.