The sun hid away, and Team USA’s singlehanded athletes came to play with a race win for Blouin in the Men’s Sunfish, a 2nd place finish in the ILCA 7 for Petersen, and race wins across the board for Erika Reineke in the ILCA 6. Kites, iQFOiLs, Snipe, and Lightning took a day off, and the rest of the fleets took to the water for lighter breeze and calmer sea swell than previous days. 


      • Erika Reineke won both races in the ILCA 6 
      • Race win for Conner Blouin in the men’s Sunfish, moved up 2 places in the standings 
      • 2nd place finish for Petersen in the ILCA 7, moved up 2 places in the standings 

“I finally got my upwind speed going a bit and there were actually some shifts to play,” said Chapman Petersen after turning the tide on his regatta with a 2nd place finish in the ILCA 7 fleet. “I think I was able to take advantage of a shiftier race and sail the lifts and finally get around the windward mark in a good position, then I was able to extend the races a lot easier and get away from the windward mark in the front.” 

“Today was a lot better than the earlier days I’ve had here,” said Conner Blouin in the Men’s Sunfish. “It was a lighter which made it a little more manageable for me, and I ended up with a 3-1. I’ve been starting well the whole event, but just haven’t had quite enough horsepower to keep up in the bigger wind and wave conditions.” 

When asked about the conditions, Blouin said “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s huge, it looks like a house is coming at you every time. It’s a cool experience, for sure.” 

Live broadcast begins tomorrow, November 2nd, at 1200 local time, 1100 ET / 0800 PT, covering Women’s iQFOiL for three races followed by Nacra 17 for three races. Login using an existing Facebook or Google account here or create a unique login. 

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Racing tomorrow, track it here: 

      • Women’s iQFOiL, 3 races at 1200 ET (broadcast LIVE here)
      • 49er, 3 races at 1200 ET 
      • Men’s Kite, 4 races at 1200 ET 
      • Men’s Sunfish, 2 races at 1200 ET 
      • Men’s iQFOiL, 3 races at 1205 ET 
      • 49erFX, 3 races at 1207 ET 
      • Women’s Sunfish, 2 races at 1207 ET 
      • Women’s Kite, 4 races at 1210 
      • Nacra 17, 3 races at 1230 ET (broadcast LIVE here)
      • ILCA 7, 2 races at 1400 ET 
      • ILCA 6, 2 races at 1407 ET 
      • Snipe, 2 races at 1415 ET 
      • Lightning, 2 races at 1422

Live tracking: here

Full standings:

Event Website:



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