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This is Creole, the sailboat of the Gucci family

Creole, the luxury sailboat of the Gucci family

The yacht that will turn 95 next year was launched in 1927, and is owned by one of Gucci’s daughters.

Creole is a three-masted wooden sailboat, 700 tons, 65 meters long and with a sailing area of ​​1,200 square meters. It can sleep up to 11 people and a crew of 16 people.

The boat is always impeccable as she is in the nautical charter market. The rent for it is set between 224,000 and 266,000 euros per week, plus extra expenses.

After years of famous owners, the Creole was sold in 1977 to the Danish government to become a civilian school ship and was used as a rehabilitation center for young people with addictions. On the verge of shipwreck in 1982, she was put up for sale in a very bad condition and it was then that the yacht and Gucci joined their destinies.

The restoration and reform works that were carried out for more than five years in Italian, German and Majorcan shipyards. The yacht was ready in 1989 and regained the same appearance from the beginning.

Creole, still in the hands of the family. Today the shipowner is Gucci’s youngest daughter: Allegra, always attentive to the day-to-day life of the sailboat

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