Seven Seas Yachts Pays Tribute to the Porsche with its Hermes Speedster Dayboat

Seven Seas Yachts Pays Tribute to the 1959 Porsche 356 With Its Hermes Speedster Dayboat

U.K.-based sailing company Seven Seas Yachts has crafted a new electric dayboat inspired by the 1959 Porsche 356.

Boasting similarly sleek bodywork as the vintage racer, the dayboat takes various design cues from the Porsche, including a chrome-framed, rounded windshield, a retro cockpit with leather paneling and bucket seats, and even a full convertible top that can be deployed within seconds to shield you from the elements.

As to its performance, the Hermes Speedster utilizes a battery-powered 100 kW electric motor that can give you a top speed of roughly 36mph. At slower cruising speeds, the boat can have a mileage of around nine hours, completely running with zero emissions. The company also says that there’s no specific speed at which the boat transitions to plane: as the speed increases, the boat gradually rises from the water, but maintains almost completely horizontal at all times.

Priced at $269,000 USD, those interested can learn more about the Hermes Speedster dayboat over on Seven Seas Yachts website.