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New global forecast model

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New global forecasting models PredictWind.com

PredictWind partnered with SPIRE & UKMO.

With the goal of providing the most accurate forecast data available.
A single forecast model will never be the most accurate in all situations, so by having access to the best forecasting models in the world, you can be sure of getting the best possible forecast, to provide greater confidence in making decisions. decisions.

The 2 new global forecasting models (SPIRE and UKMO) are market leaders, and PredictWind has proven the accuracy of these weather models in extensive validation studies against weather stations and buoys around the world.

SPIRE model

Spire is a truly innovative company with the largest network of nano satellites in space. Spire uses a unique technique to measure Earth’s atmosphere with 3 times more radio occultation data than any other commercial entity. This provides an advantage in forecasting accuracy for remote locations. PredictWind’svalidation report demonstrates that the Spire model is number one for accuracy of wind speed and direction using data from offshore weather buoys. It is number 2 behind the ECMWF for ground weather stations.

UKMO model

The UKMO model, also known as the “Unified Model” by the UK Met Office, has a long-standing reputation as the market leader in forecast modeling. The validation study shows that the UKMO has an accuracy very similar to the ECMWF model offshore, and is slightly behind the ECMWF and Spire models for ground weather stations.

The UKMO model is used by the following meteorological offices around the world and by some of the largest meteorological companies in the world:

US Air Force
Bureau of Meteorology / CSIRO (Australia)
NIWA (New Zealand)
KMA (South Korea)
Met Office (UK)
ICM (Poland)
MSS (Singapore)
MoES / NCMRWF (India)
SAWS (South Africa)
Model classification for offshore locations

# 3 UKMO
# 4 GFS

Model classification for coastal locations

# 2 PWG / PWE
# 4 UKMO
# 5 GFS

Read the PredictWindvalidation report to learn more about how the rankings were calculated.

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