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Pope Francis’ appeal for 400.000 stranded seafarers around the world

Pope Francis’ appeal for  stranded seafarers around the world

Pope Francis at the Angelus recalled the 400,000 seafarers blocked around the world by the coronavirus, and not to forget this people of the sea.

For a Christmas for everyone, a specific program must be put in place for the return of hundreds of thousands of sailors trapped on board. its ships, unable to disembark due to vaccination restrictions, prioritized them, giving seafarers the role of “key workers” for the pandemic.

Marine Pollution has developed a protocol to ensure the safe movement of crew across international borders without jeopardizing global trade.
On December 1, the United Nations Assembly adopted the resolution recognizing this role for seafarers and encouraging governments to immediately implement measures to allow for crew changes, ensuring access to medical care for all seafarers. .

90% of world trade is carried out by sea, and without ships half of the planet’s population would die of hunger and the other half would die of cold and in this period maritime transport has never stopped, playing a fundamental role in ensuring the necessary supplies to the population and in particular medical-sanitary supplies and many products sold in supermarkets.

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