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North Sails introduces the North Learn to Foil Academy

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North Sails, in conjunction with its sister company, North Foils, proudly presents the North Learn to Foil Academy. The Academy is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for sailing clubs to help introduce wing foiling into their programming.

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A turn-key solution for sailing clubs to easily integrate the world’s fastest-growing watersport into club programming and engage young members.

“Foiling is changing everything we know about sailing,” remarked North Learn to Foil Programme Director Tim Nicholas. “Youngsters love it, find it relatively easy, and, once up on the foil, visually act as a magnet for others to join their crew. Wing foils can be ridden for fun or raced and are a cost-effective pathway to developing a lifelong love of sailing.”

The Academy is turnkey and can include all the equipment, coaching manuals, and guidance a club needs to run North Learn to Foil Courses safely.

North Learn to Foil courses are designed to get new riders foiling in as little as 10 hours through a four-step process that includes practicing on a skateboard, tow-foiling behind a boat, and displacement winging. Courses are run on a 1:3 student-instructor ratio, by instructors with experience in dinghy and/or windsurfing coaching.

By joining the Academy clubs, get access to all the material they need to deliver courses, including a detailed step-by-step coaching guide, set-up arrangements, promotional material, safety guidance, and video tutorials. It costs $275 for clubs to join the Academy and grants them the right to run North Learn to Foil courses for two years.

As with any type of sailing, gear is important – and the right starter gear makes learning significantly easier. To complement the program, North Sails has put together a Learn to Foil Club Kit that includes all the basic equipment needed to teach courses. The Club Kit contains ultra-durable Seek-Air inflatable boards, Sonar hydroFoils, Nova Wings, and associated safety gear and can be purchased at a special introductory cost of less than USD 10,000 (plus taxes and shipping).

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Furthermore, participants who complete a North Learn to Foil course at any club will enjoy an advantageous 20% discount on North Wing and Foil gear when purchasing through the North Foils online store.

For sailing clubs, educational institutions, and watersports activity centers interested in North Learn to Foil Academy, detailed information can be found at northkb.com/pages/foil-academy, or inquiries can be directed to foilpro@northasg.com.



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