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At the age of 14 she sailed alone around the world.

Laura Dekker, sailed alone around the world on a boat.

In 2010, at just 14 years old, Laura Dekker, Dutch, conquered the world with her story of sailing around the world completely alone.

It is the story of a teenager who was born on the boat of her parents when they docked in New Zealand.
Laura Dekker, showed the world that dreams can always come true.
After many twists and turns due to her age, the Dutch authorities let her navigate the world and she now tells, in depth, how she was overcoming challenges to be able to carry out that experience.

She spent the first years of her life on the deck of the sailboat where she was born, sailing from port to port. And that’s what Laura wanted to do since she was eight years old, but alone.

At just 13 years old, she announced her intention to go around the world alone. A court in Utrecht did not take long to prevent the young woman from embarking on her trip and even temporarily withdrew Laura’s custody from her father, with whom she had lived since the divorce of him and her mother, due to her lack of experience and the obligation to go. to school.

However, she passed all the tests, she went to school, studied and was finally able to carry out the great challenge that she had.

On August 21, 2010, Laura, set sail from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands. She crossing the coasts of Africa, Australia, crossing the Pacific Ocean, until she reached the Panama Canal.

In all, it took her almost two years to complete her journey, 518 days alone at sea.

In this way, at the age of 16, in 2012, Laura Dekker had become the youngest person to sail around the world alone. She sailed 27 thousand nautical miles.

After this adventure, Dekker returned to New Zealand, where she works in the nautical industry, she studies to obtain the title of captain and gives talks where she tells about her experience.

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