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History Supreme, the solid gold yacht

The solid gold yacht

Robert Kuok, the richest man in Malaysia, with a net worth of $ 12.5 billion, spent an incredible $ 3.8 BILLION on a yacht, made of solid gold.

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This yacht, with gold and dinosaur bones, is worth ten times more than Roman Abramovitch’s Eclipse, which previously held the title of the most expensive yacht in the world.

Kuok is the founder of the Shangri La hotel group, which operates luxury hotels in Asia, but most of his wealth comes from his stake in Wilmar, the world’s largest publicly traded palm oil company. .

The luxury took three years to complete and is covered in 100,000 kilograms of precious metals, including a solid gold hull.
The master bedroom is particularly luxurious: it is adorned in platinum and has wall art made of meteoric stone and the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

However, it stands out from the History Supreme at 98.4 feet.

Details about the ship, including why it was so expensive, had nothing to do with onboard technology, amenities, performance, or even fuel efficiency.

The project was commissioned to Stuart Hughes, famous British designer and jeweler of high-end gadgets, which includes among his extravagant creations an iPhone version produced with 135 grams of 24-karat gold and 600 white diamonds. and a rare black diamond, valued at $ 16 million. And since he wanted a truly exclusive container, he gave the designer carte blanche to lead the way in the use of precious materials.

Another work of the designer, available with the superyacht, is a bottle of luxury liquor with an 18.5 carat diamond, the D ’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme, valued at $ 35 million. Because alcohol is never good enough in a normal bottle. There is also a panoramic wall aquarium made from solid 24 karat gold, around 150 pounds.

It turns out that History Supreme was designed to be the most decadent piece of naval architecture ever created. It’s literally wrapped in solid gold and platinum, includes gemstones in the design, and depending on who you believe, it comes with several other famous Hughes creations, some more quirky than others.

The entire container actually includes about 220,463 pounds of solid gold as a building material. The base is wrapped in gold, and is also incorporated into the deck, dining room, railings and anchor, and kitchenware. The stairs on the upper deck are said to be made of solid gold.

Platinum is also used a lot, especially in the chef’s kitchen and master suite, which, to boot, also features a wall made from meteoric stone and a sculpture made from real T-Rex dinosaur bone sourced from Arizona. The bone is only worth about $ 89,000.

In total, the British jeweler applied 100,000 kilos of 24-karat gold to the construction of the History Supreme.

“It was the most ambitious project I have done so far. It took three years of planning, ”revealed designer and jeweler Stuart Hughes.

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