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Gisela Pulido in Formula Kite European Championships

Formula Kite  European Championships

Gisela Pulido

A total of twenty teams, under the flags of nine countries, will compete in the Mixed Formula Kite – European Championships , which will take place on the Austrian lake of Traunsee.

Participation is by teams, combining the results of both participants for the total calculation. That is why the Spanish participation with Gisela Pulido and Alex Climent, combine the results of both for the total calculation.

The Spanish participation is supported by the ten world titles that Gisela Pulido, based in Tarifa, accumulates in the FreeStyle modality, which go hand in hand with the five Spanish Kitefoil championships and the crown of champion of the Formula Kite Spain Series of Alex Climent.

Gisela Pulido participates until Sunday in the mixed European Formula Kite Championship.

They are five days of competition. The first and second places directly obtain the passport for the medal series, while the rest of those classified, up to 14, enter the podium phase.
In the semifinals played between these twelve sailors, they are the ones that will define the two places that are left free for the medal series, in which the winner will be the one who first obtains a total of three victories.



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