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Geneseas, the cleaning robot for marinas

Geneseas, the cleaning robot for marinas

This innovation could soon invade all ports.

Geneseas is a robot cleaner capable of collecting solid and liquid waste.

By means of an application, the machine works autonomously and can work up to 24 hours at a time. As a home robot vacuum, Geneseas is also equipped with an obstacle avoidance system.

An ingenious, unobtrusive connected robot for collecting floating debris and oil stains. It is an attractive project.

Alan D’Alfonso Peral had the idea to create Geneseas. “This garbage collector works with total autonomy. We delimit the area through the web platform and let it work. ”

It works thanks to a suction system. Plastics, cigarette butts, cans and other floating debris are collected in a 140-liter basket. Natural fiber filters absorb oil stains.
“Once full, the robot sends an alert about the application. And every 15 minutes you can receive information on the quality of the water: pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc. “

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