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Formula Kite Youth World Championships Day 4

On the last day of the opening series it was all about who’s going into the Medal Series. Not a lot of drama in the front of the men’s fleet, with Max Maeder form Singapore and Qibin Huang from China continuing their performance and sealing their place in the finals with two and one match points respectively.

“In Singaporean culture” says Maeder, “my bib number, 88 means ‘luck’ and man, did I get lucky today! I’m going to credit it to being ready, catching the right opportunity and a good dose of fortune“. He describes his overtaking move on Riccardo as ‘a little too close for comfort and aims to keep things ‘boring’ in tomorrow’s final.

“Five races was wonderful, especially the last race, I really gave it all to push Riccardo [Pianosi], but he’s performing really good and stable on the upwind”. After achieving his goal of ‘playing it safe’, Huang admits he decided to give it his all and see the best that he could do. “I started on port and he was in a really good starting position. I tried to catch him, and I did it on the first downwind leg, but he showed really good upwind angle and speed so there was no chance for me to overtake him. Then, because of our fight, we both didn’t tack to cover Max [Maeder] and that gave him the chance to go to the other side of the course and win the last race


1. Maximilian Maeder                      SGP    13 p
2. Qibin Huang                                  CHN    22 p
3. Riccardo Pianosi                          ITA      51 p

1. Lysa Caval                                       FRA    28 p
2. Magdalena Woyciechowska        POL    31 p
3. Heloise Pegourie                            FRA    38 p





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