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Foiler, the Enata Marine tender

Foiler, the Enata Marine tender

ENATA Marine’s exclusive flying yacht offers speed and stability.

Enata Marine offers three “Foiler” designs that have features to enhance every moment on board.

Its intelligent modular platform design offers the same technical and engineering capabilities of ENATA Marine, as well as a number of features with a different design style.
She is a completely custom yacht, with plenty of storage capacity, retractable tables, an under-deck toilet, and an onboard refrigerator.

In the Venturi version, its two solarium areas are to enjoy maximum leisure. The large table is lowered and covered with a cushion, the seating and lounging space is expanded to allow more space to sit or lie down. Allowing you to enjoy the views in tranquil splendor as the FOILER cruises.

Available in Open and Cabin models, the Royale design features a wide range of comfortable seats and ample storage space for luggage and more. The Royale Open has three large benches with retractable tables, as well as rear-facing seats and the two forward seats for a front-row view of the action. The Royale Cabin stateroom features an ingenious two-center layout for a greater seating variety, a rear-facing sundeck with expanded stowage space, a double cabin seat to share the piloting experience, and an air-conditioned cockpit to protect you from the elements, regardless of the weather.

The Azure design has it all, from the comfortable air-conditioned bow cabin to the additional seating capacity provided by the closed rear. Two sunbathing areas, ample storage space under the seats and a large retractable table make the Azure a perfect space in which to spend long days

Using four ingenious hydrofoils – foils -, like wings in the water, to lift 1.5 meters above the waves at speeds of 18 knots or more, the Enata Marine Foiler offers a smooth and fast ride, even when crossing wakes from other boats, while enjoying a pleasant trip without bumps on board.

Using intuitive joystick controls, with a second cockpit on the foredeck, piloting the Foiler is a pure and quick pleasure to master.

Thanks to a hydraulic propulsion system, it reaches speeds in excess of 35 knots with lower thrust power requirements than conventionally designed boats. It has a series of intelligent sensors for operational optimizations in real time, as well as an active stability mode for an even smoother ride.

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