Explorer 62 with Advanced Full Stability System

Explorer 62 with Advanced Full Stability System by Xenta and Centrostiledesign

The strong aesthetic personality of the Explorer 62, which is given by the tall and straight bow, is part of a naval project specially made for this yacht, aimed at maximizing the length of the hull, while providing protection against waves.

It also guarantees a safe hull throughout its speed range, even in rough seas, optimizing comfort on board.

In terms of technology, it is important to highlight the presence on board of the innovative AFS, Advanced Full Stability, a single management system that guarantees the simultaneous control of the installed stabilization and trim systems.

Xenta and Centrostiledesign for Explorer 62 Advanced Full Stability

Different operating modes can be configured for the Dynamic Flaps, completely built by XENTA capable of extraordinary speed of action.

The flaps, characterized by extreme precision, take less than two seconds to go from positive to negative incidence and, together with the rest of the fully integrated on-board systems, allow pitch control only with the Auto Pitch function of the pitch control. balancing with the Auto Roll function and the combo controls in Auto Pitch & Roll mode.

In Auto mode, in addition to taking pitch and roll into account, the system automatically intervenes by modifying the incidence of the blades to favor the approach of the boat. Alternatively, manual mode can be selected, leaving full control of the flap system to the yacht captain.

This solution makes the boat not only absolutely user-friendly and easily manageable even by a non-professional captain, but it significantly elevates the pleasure of sailing, offering a more comfortable, safe and economical cruising experience.

Xenta, a leading company in the development and production of steering systems for boats, yachts, superyachts and professional units, is characterized by offering extremely modular and integrable products and services.

Its products and equipment can be calibrated to the needs of the individual yacht with customized solutions based on hull type, naval project and performance.

Centrostiledesign, a company recognized worldwide for design and engineering, in recent years has also been involved in the development of hulls thanks to Massimo De Luca, recent purchase of the team, rich in consolidated knowledge in the study of hulls and naval architecture, after years of experience in the most important construction sites in the world.