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APProdo, innovative “shared sailor” App

APProdo, innovative “shared sailor” App

APProdo will present an innovative service that allows all owners to have the skills of an expert sailor at shared costs.

The real wealth is not that of owning the boat, but the quality of the time you can spend on board, directly proportional to the checks and maintenance that are carried out in advance and periodically to keep a boat in good condition.

APProdo was born with the idea of ​​supporting shipowners by offering a personalized service even for smaller vessels, whose management costs generally do not include the presence of a permanent captain or sailor.

It is a service managed by referenced sailors who weekly carry out all the activities necessary to keep the boat in optimal conditions: they monitor the boat, ventilate it, control and start engines and systems, verify the status of the batteries and other utilities.

Thanks to an App that can be easily managed on a smartphone or tablet and a proximity sensor installed on board, the owner can check in real time the navigator’s access to the boat and the type of activity carried out. Through the application, the owner receives a weekly report on the condition of the boat, complete with photographs or videos. Any fault or anomaly found and if, only if requested, a budget of the necessary interventions is communicated.

Also through the application it is possible to obtain additional services such as exterior and interior cleaning, upholstery and lingerie, refueling and water, requesting motor coupons instead of storing candles and various equipment.

APProdo takes care of your boat when you are not there, usually in winter or at any time of year. Subscription to the service can be done directly from the phone, with a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual contract.

Safety and efficiency, all in one application. A service managed through a network of professional and referenced operators with a serious control of the organizational service.

For more information: https://myapprodo.it

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