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Drone to Yacht – Air delivery to the ship

Drone to Yacht


Aerocámaras has created Drone to Yacht, an exclusive delivery service for yachts

The delivery premium electric drone has a range of about two kilometers from the beach.

The Can Yucas restaurant, in Cala Tarida, is the first establishment in Spain that will serve food and drinks to boats anchored near the beach by means of a drone.

Its promoters, in collaboration with the aforementioned restaurant, today inaugurate this system, whose operation is simple: the customer selects from his yacht what he wants to eat, places the order at the restaurant through an application or on the Drone to Yacht website and from From that moment, you just have to wait for your menu to fly in: the unmanned aircraft geolocates your position and brings you what you have ordered in a basket, which arrives perfectly packaged.
The menu is adjusted to each product in a wrapper, so that the dishes arrive with all their ingredients and sauces, a good presentation and ready to eat.

The intention of Aerocámaras is to reach similar agreements, and in the coming months, expand airborne food to other parts of the Spanish coast, mainly in the Mediterranean, as well as in some Italian ports.
It also plans to implement this service in different tourist spots in the Caribbean thanks to the collaboration agreement with the company Global Equity Infraestructures Corporation (GEIC).

At the moment, although technology allows it, this delivery service is not authorized in cities, which is why the company projects its expansion on water.

D2Y app available soon

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