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El Ojo – The circular island that moves by itself

El Ojo of the Delta. The circular island that moves alone in the Paraná Delta

El Ojo  is a small circular island in the Delta that moves by itself. It is a perfect circle, surrounded by a ring greater than 120 meters in diameter, which rotates on its own axis. In the middle, just a thin layer of water.

The 120-meter circle has existed and has been moving for at least 30 years. It is not known how it was formed, when it rotates, or why it does so.

El Ojo is located in the Paraná Delta in Buenos Aires, Argentina . In Google Maps it can be found with the coordinates 34 ° 15’07.8’S 58 ° 49’47.4 ″ W.

A group of scientists are doing their best to figure it out. so they decided to launch a campaign to raise funds and understand this enigma that still has no explanation.

The strange thing about this island of 118 meters in diameter – in addition to being an almost perfect circle – is that it rotates on its own axis. This can be observed very easily with Google satellite images, by looking at photographs from previous years.

The land that is located on the surface of El Ojo is very solid, which is not the case in its surroundings. In addition, the water that surrounds this island is incredibly transparent and cold, something very strange in this area.

The phenomenon is real and would explain several of the supernatural stories connected with the presence of UFOs in the area and other paranormal aspects”

A Nazi base, a place to hide UFOs, an ordinary reservoir … The theories about El Ojo are many and of all kinds. Comments on paranormal phenomena are the most mentioned, although the defenders of science cannot conceive of the existence of such a thing and are inclined towards the hypothesis of a dammed wetland.

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