CNB joins Solaris Yachts

CNB – Solaris Yachts

CNB yacht builders join Solaris Yachts creating the world’s first group of excellence for the construction of sailboats from 40 to 110 feet.

These two leading brands in their market have 80 years of experience. They have decided to merge their wealth of knowledge to satisfy all the most demanding enthusiasts who wish to sail the Mediterranean or around the world, as a couple or as a crew.

Since 1974, Solaris Yachts has established itself by setting new standards in the “high performance cruising” industry. The large and powerful helmets of Solaris are combined with a design of classic and timeless elegance. Modern and fast sailboats for those who love sailing and regattas who seek above all the pleasure of sailing while being personally at the helm.

Created more than 30 years ago, CNB yacht builders gained their notoriety in the world of unique construction and subsequently declined this know-how in semi-custom sailboats. Market leader with CNB 76 and CNB 66, CNB yacht builders are intended for offshore sailing. Combining seaworthiness and unique style, the panoramic boathouse designed by Philippe Briand has become the shipyard’s iconic signature.

From now on, the synergy between these two brands will benefit the development of new models, respecting the identities of each one. In a few weeks the CNB 8X will be unveiled, paving the way for a new era of CNB yacht builders.

Thanks to the union with Solaris Yachts, the future of CNB yachts fits into a more calibrated and reactive structure, adapted to the needs of this exclusive market. A calibrated tool for the production of small series with a high level of quality and customization for each boat.

There will be a transition period until 2022 in order not to interrupt future deliveries and to allow a smooth integration of production with Solaris Yachts.
For ships under construction, production remains at Monfalcone, as well as all CNB 66 and CNB 76 sold in 2021. The relationship with customers has not changed and these ships will benefit from the same conditions as the other CNB ships already delivered.

Starting in 2022, the production of CNB 66 and CNB 76 will be progressively transferred to the Solaris Yacht production site in Aquileia, about 20 kilometers from Monfalcone.
These two complementary brands, although united in the same courtyard, will continue to chart their own course.