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Doyle sails for the new sailboat Solaris 111 by Javier Soto Acebal

Doyle sails for the new sailboat Solaris 111 by Javier Soto Acebal.

Doyle was chosen to unveil one of the most interesting ships in the world among the recently launched, the Solaris 111.
It is the largest yacht ever built by Solaris, it has a state-of-the-art naval architecture by the Argentine designer Soto Acebal.
An innovative and elegant style for both indoors and outdoors, signed MYT Monaco.

It was conceived to be a ‘racing machine’ while maintaining superior comfort, in addition to all those quality standards that have always made the shipyard a benchmark for the most demanding sailors.

At 33.77 meters long, it measures almost 8 meters in the sleeve, with its decidedly light hull in relation to its size it marks a new reference in the sector and the shipyard’s entry into the superyacht segment.

Therefore, it seems like the best choice, for such an innovative project, that Solaris has selected the best on the market in all areas, researching the best and most advanced technologies, many of which were developed in the America’s Cup races. or Grand Prix. , adapting them to the needs of modern superyachts.

To build the more than 630 square meters of sail plan (excluding the 570 square meter code 0 wireless and the gennaker A2, which alone measures 915 square meters), Solaris has put out to tender the world’s largest sail manufacturers , finally opting for Doyle, a brand that confirms its leadership in the superyacht sector, although the maneuverability characteristics of the Solaris 111 bring it closer to the category of maximum performance cruiser.

The entire candle set was created in Doyle Italia’s loft in Palermo, based on a project by candle designer Dario Motta, in close daily collaboration with the central design office in Auckland, led by Richard Bouzaid.

The membranes used to make the sails are Doyle Stratis, with carbon fibers and Technora, protected by an ultra-light outer taffeta.
The sails were entirely built in the Superyacht Doyle Italia loft.

The whole set of candles consists of:
– Full batten mainsail of 357 m2 with stop and manual closing system.
– 325 m2 self-tacking jib, with a new system that replaces the classic forestay with an anti-torsion carbon cable and eliminates the foil (the extruded one with the raceway) The sail is hooked to the cable with the garrocci, thus allowing a significant weight saving and consequently better performance.
– 140 m2 stay sail designed to be a self-supporting roller blind without cable, or structured luff: this is the evolution of cable-free technology, initially applied to Code 0 and the Stratis asymmetric membrane. Thanks to this important innovation also for the forestay sail, the anti-torsion cable is eliminated and replaced by a special carbon fiber along the luff of the sail; therefore, the arrangement of the fibers is designed to be able to replace the cable, not only during the march, but also during the winding and opening of the sails. This allows for weight savings, easier storage, and better performance.
The 570-square-foot Code 0 Wireless is built on the now established technology introduced by Doyle Sails about three years ago. The advantages of this sail, in addition to the simpler positive aspects linked to the absence of the cable (less weight and easier stowage), are several:
– Significantly lower loads with the same catenary along the luff, a feature that allows a lot of use. the sail more easily at tight angles, since it will be necessary to put less tension on the halyard to reduce the catenary. This becomes even more important for boats that do not have the halyard lock, as all the load also gives compression to the mast.
– Greater range of use: leaving the tension in the tack, it will be much easier to “fly” the wing, to allow better performance when descending at wider angles even in light winds.
– Better performance: the absence of the cable allows, for narrow angles, a shorter catenary with the same tension in the luff and a forward projection of the luff itself when releasing tension, for better performance in wider pitches.

Gennaker A2 of 915 m2 customized with logo.



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