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2021 Caribbean foiling Championships at Saint Martin

Caribbean Foiling Championships at Orient Bay Beach, Saint Martin – Day 3

This Sunday was the last race of the Caribbean foiling Championships edition 2021 with the famous around the island race.

A precedent record was to beat for the kitefoil professional category, and it was the first time it was attempted in a wingfoil.

Last race of the championships

After two days racing in Orient Bay and around Tintamarre island, today was the final and long awaited race around the island of Sint Maarten/ Saint-Martin.

Some riders are up early, taking part in a yoga session to stretch out after the previous days, or simply focusing on the day to come. “I want to prepare mentally for this race, my goal is not to win but to finish the race,” says Manuel ‘Kiko’ Dalmau from Puerto Rico, who participates in races in Puerto Rico and acknowledges the good level of the riders present at these championships, especially the younger ones.

Under strong winds and possible showers weather forecast, Sacha Daunar, an experienced racing judge for the French sailing federation of Guadeloupe, says weather conditions are fine to compete and departure was set at 10 a.m. with wings leaving first, kitefoil leisure and windfoil second and kitefoil professional category last. Getting closer to Philipsburg, the kitefoils which go faster are ahead.

Overall Results



    • First: Chucho Nonnot
    • Second: Jérôme Thebault
    • Third: Manuel ‘Kiko’ Dalmau

(Half way) Around the Island
First: Théo Demanez (Around the Island)
Second: Jérôme Thebault (Half way)
Third: Manuel ‘Kiko’ Dalmau (Half way)



    • First: Sacha Fortuné
    • Second: Lucas Marot
    • Third: Maëlle Guilbaud

Around the Island
First: Lucas Marot
Second: Bruno Kancel
Third: Sacha Fortuné

Kitefoil Leisure


    • First: Félix Bellais
    • Second: Franck Balvay
    • Third: Mahé Thebault

Around the Island
First: Félix Bellais
Second: Franck Balvay
Third: Erwan Jauffroy

Kitefoil Pro


    • First: Julien Quentel
    • Second: Tiger Tyson
    • Third: Nell de Jaham

Around the Island
First: Julien Quentel
Second: Tiger Tyson
Third: Mahe Stakelborough

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