Barcolana FUN by SIRAM

Barcolana FUN


 Four days of fun, speed, technology and environmental care. These are the pillars of Barcolana FUN by SIRAM VEOLIA, one of the main events related to Barcolana scheduled from Wednesday x to Saturday 10 October.

It is the “manifesto” of foil sails: an event that will grant to everyone – including participants – to learn sailing on board of the Persico’s 69F, the only monotype foil used on the race circuits, the last frontier of sailing.

The event was chosen by SIRAM VEOLIA as key element of its partnership in Barcolana: as the Barcolana Fun is one of the few international sail races that may take place this year  that the event must cope with the pandemic.  Barcolana FUN is the vehicle to promote common values; technology as base of sustainable development, environmental care, the support of activities able to inspire and involve the youngest, keeping gender equality in mind.

The 69F circuit has all of these elements:  state-of-the-art hull, environmental protection thanks to its particular format of sail races management and organizations, research of maximum speed using wind only and foil technology that allows the boat to fly on the water. Barcolana FUN project by Siram Veolia has two souls: from 7 to 10 October it will both permit to live for free the experience of foiling to everyone wants to learn this new frontier of sail and search of essence of speed try to meet an incredible frontier for a boat only seven meters long, able to reach over 30 knots in challenging weather conditions and with experienced sailors on board .

We thank Siram Veolia for believing in Barcolana and in its values on this particular year – President of SVBG Mitja Gialuz declared – to be on our side from the beginning,  in the decision to sustaining us in all the possible scenarios, since the early days of pandemic breakout. It does great honour to Siram Veolia and to the values it has been conveying with Barcolana for many years.

Among them, gender equality and the support to the youngest: Persico 69F is a hull where in the international rule is present the willingness to have on board two girls and two boys, assembling mixed crews completely equals. What is more, the hull is used by several prestigious yacht club, from Hong Kong to Netherland and USA, to train the youngest teams making them protagonists of new challenges.

We are proud to renew the partnership with Barcolana in this edition too– Director of North-East Business Unit Paolo Maltese said – in line with the sense of responsibility of our Group which never stopped operating even during the most tough days of the pandemic: we wanted to support Barcolana 52, an event that became this particular year a symbol of resilience and hope. We share the same values which find the highest expression in the Barcolana FUN event: Sustainability, Inclusion, Innovation. Those are the pillars of the 5 days of sailing on Foil 69F which are at the base of the corporate philosophy of Siram Veolia Group.

Barcolana FUN by Siram Veolia is scheduled from Wednesday 7 to Saturday 10 of October: it will be possible to book for free the foiling experience on board of Persico 69F with a crew composed by two expert sailors, by subscribing through the website . According to one’s capacity, it will be possible to try different rules and learning with the techniques of 69F Academy, designed by the Olympic champions Santi Lange.



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